Should I have Breast Surgery Abroad?

Despite the fantastic medical facilities in the UK, every year thousands of patients are lured abroad by the promise of cheap surgeries and quicker service. These include routine cosmetic operations such as breast enlargement surgeries, which are normally performed on the NHS for health reasons. However in deciding whether or not to have a breast surgery abroad there are a number of factors to consider.


If you have already paid up front and travelled thousands of miles, then it is difficult to back out of the surgery, even if you do not feel reassured by the manner of the attending surgeon or the cleanliness of the clinic. At the Jasper Gill breast surgery we do advise that having your breast lift or augmentation done locally helps you to feel at ease. This gives you a greater chance of a successful outcome and a quick recovery.


A local surgeon will give you an examination and two full consultations before deciding what type of surgery is best for you. This helps to manage your expectations realistically about all the possible outcomes. On the other hand if you are going abroad, these valuable free cosmetic breast surgery consultations will be most likely done remotely, with the surgery being the first time that you meet your doctor face-to-face. In this scenario you are unlikely to feel prepared.

Post Operative

Although the majority of breast surgeries transpire without incident there can be complications. If this happens to you, you don’t want the added stress and cost of having to get on a plane and travel abroad. Even if the surgery has gone absolutely perfectly there will be some soreness and you want to be able to chat to your doctor easily about whether what you are feeling is normal. Doing this over a bad connection on Skype or with a time difference to contend with is less than ideal!

Insurance Implications

If you still have your heart set on going abroad for breast enhancement surgery, make sure that the medical indemnity insurance that your surgeon carries is equivalent to UK standards.