JWoww's Breast Augmentation Scars

JWoww breast augmentation scars

While the breast implants of reality TV celebrity JWoww of Jersey Shore were bound to make the news, the publicity was not necessarily what she hoped for.

A number of ‘news’ outlets ran stories that she was unwittingly showing off breast implant scars in a very revealing dress.

Although she has never tried to hide the fact that she’s undergone breast augmentation, gossip rags will always like to point out any perceived flaws, usually to make their readership feel better about themselves.

Scars are a natural result of breast augmentation, and as long as you use a high quality surgeon, these should be minimised and heal in their own time.

JWoww was clearly enjoying the ability to wear a gravity defying outfit even without a bra, but the ‘scars’ that the newspaper points out would be hard to notice even close up.

The 27-year-old was looking great on the red carpet at Dusk nightclub in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The boob job had been a birthday present to herself.

JWoww told Harper's Bazaar she has no shame about getting bigger breasts and so wore a plunging cowl-neck playsuit to show off her new look.