3 Things to Consider about Breast Enlargement Surgery

Breast enlargement involves surgically placing implants to improve the shape, or increase the size, of your breasts. The operation is also known as a breast augmentation, augmentation mammoplasty, boob job or breast enhancement.

People who have a breast enlargement usually have three main considerations.

1)    The Benefits

While breast enlargement surgery is a serious operation that should not be taken lightly, there are a number of benefits to the procedure. These benefits are mainly psychological, but they cannot be overstated. Most women report improved self confidence and a greater feeling of self worth following their surgery. For many women breast enlargement surgery may improve the fit of clothes if their breasts are out of proportion to the rest of their body. This is particularly the case if you have significant breast asymmetry. Breast enlargement surgery may help to improve symmetry following a breast reconstruction. This should normally be discussed as part of a full reconstruction discussion.

2)    Proportion

Most women who have breast enlargement surgery do so because they are concerned that their breasts are too small or out of proportion. Some people are born with asymmetrical breasts which they want to correct, while for others their breast shape may have changed due to significant weight gain or loss. Breast change following pregnancy is often a major factor behind the decision to have breast enhancement surgery

3)    Expectations

The most important part of planning your breast augmentation surgery is setting your expectations. The one-to-one consultation with your personal surgeon will allow you to ask all your questions. This is where your surgeon will take the time to make sure that you have a realistic idea of what is involved in the surgery, how long it takes, any potential complications and inform you about every step of the process. There are a number of different methods of performing breast enlargement surgery and it is important to find the right fit for you.

If you are considering breast enlargement surgery, book in to see Jasper Gill, an experienced Consultant Cosmetic and Reconstructive Breast Surgeon operating in the South West, for a one-to-one consultation.